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About our events

Our initiatives

We believe in the importance of events and individual as well as shared actions as they pave the way to a better world. Our events have been created with the aim of putting words into action. 

Believing that the power of collective actions is unquestionable, we founded the Budapest Business Party in 2012, one of the most prestigious international networking opportunities in Hungary for managers, CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs who share our passion for enterprise. Events participants get the opportunity to talk about their vision, ideas, to promote their brand and to grow their business in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere. 

In 2019, we launched for the first time The Award to recognize commendable entrepreneurs and leaders in Hungary. We believe that leaders who exhibit ethical, sustainable and creative behaviours will leave behind positive footprints for generations to come. Through The Award we would like to highlight the best examples of those who embrace such an approach, to inspire others. 


Your initiatives

As Robert Swan pointed out, we cannot wait for others, but anyone can initiate the process of change, including yourself. Over and above our own actions in which you can take part too, we are delighted to hear your ideas and actions or event plans concerning E.S.C.-related initiatives.
Let’s develop them together!

Feel free to fill out our form and suggest what we could do together. It is our pleasure to help you with the realization of your E.S.C. dream, whether it’s an online conference or an offline awareness-raising event, just to mention a couple of ideas. Through Atlas World you can be part of a community filled with passion. 


The Award nominations

We are inviting you to attend the first ceremony of the Atlas Award. The prize, a unique masterpiece designed by a wellknown international artist, will be awarded during the Budapest Business Party 2019 (7th June 2019) organized by ITL Group. The jury will contact the winner…

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