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Next event of Atlas World community!

On Tuesday the 6th of September, from 18:00 to 20:00 there will be the second event of the community. It is a closed event, limited to 50 guests from the business community. On this occasion, we will keep promoting the “Atlas Award 2022”. This is not just about Atlas Award, it is about a community where Leaders become Heroes. 

This will be the second of three planned events: 6th of July, 6th of September, 6th of October (day of winner announcement). The three events will take place in different locations.

The Award, first time produced in 2019, was created to provide public recognition for leaders and business people that have distinguished themselves by making substantial efforts to render their enterprise sustainable, constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas, all of this by keeping in mind the wellbeing of their partners and employees.

Would you like to be part of the development of a better business world? Starting here  in Hungary united we can be more effective.

Become a Business Hero and spread the E.S.C. philosophy!

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