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The nominations for the 2022 Atlas Award are open!

Do you know a Hungary-based business hero that shares the values of Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity in their professional life?

The Atlas Award was created to provide public recognition for leaders and business people that have distinguished themselves by making substantial efforts to render their enterprise sustainable, constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas, all of this by keeping in mind the wellbeing of their partners and employees.

Make your vote count – be part of the change!

The Award

Can you imagine a world in which leaders take the greatest care to ensure the wellbeing of both their employees and partners, making substantial efforts to render their enterprise sustainable, constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas? This is the world we are building through our community.

We established the Award in 2019 as a symbol of this vision. It provides public recognition to those leaders who are focused on the E.S.C (ethical, sustainable, creative) approach. 

We believe change for the better can start in a small way and grow to be large. Through the foundation of Atlas World it is our desire to establish an exclusive community of business people, who share our values and help us to make this world a better place.

How do we achieve the best value?

We would like to ensure that winners of our Award really share our belief about the importance of the E. S. C. approach. Through a credible multi-level evaluations process, in cooperation with highly trusted jury members we reward the most thankworthy candidates.

What is the process of application/selection?

Any leader or entrepreneur who embraces the E.S.C approach is eligible for our Award. The selection begins with the nomination stage, in which you can make nominations. Once this round is over, the best ranking candidates will be evaluated by the jury of independent experts. Their decision is then announced and the Award will be handed over in a public ceremony as part of the Budapest Business Party.

Watch here the video to discover why we created the Atlas Award

United by passion for enterprise and for a better world.

– Alessandro Farina

The first award ceremony

Photo-gallery from the Atlas Award 2019 ceremony

We are really proud of this, our first edition of the Atlas Award. Its nomination phase resulted in 123(!) nominations, an excellent showing of how members of the community identified entrepreneurs that they felt most deserved to be rewarded for their embracing of the E.S.C. approach. The ceremony was held at the 8th edition of our Budapest Business Party, on 7 June 2019.

Photos from the 2019 award ceremony

Last year award ceremony

Backstage and story of the first Award prize

The ART BEHIND THE Award by marco veronese

“When Alessandro Farina asked me to artistically interpret the concepts of ethicssustainability and creativity, which are the cornerstones of his corporate and human philosophy, I immediately realized how deeply these three words belonged to me. They are the basis of the creative process of my paintings, of my sculptures and installations of CrackingArt group, of which I am one of the founders.

My works have always been the result of a mix between classical aesthetics and modernity with regards to the use of materials.

The idea

Starting from these considerations, I imagined creating a common thread between past and present, between myth and art. That’s why I had the idea of ​​giving birth to a hybrid sculpture in which Atlante and the Vitruvian man are blend together.

Only by acknowledging that each of us is unique, extraordinary and unrepeatable, we can find the strength to redesign the map of humanity.

Atlante, the Titan of Greek mythology supports the world with its strength, while the Vitruvian man, famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, is the fruit of the search for harmony and beauty in the human body and it shows the influence of the “De Architectura”, an important treatise by the architect Marco Vitruvio Pollione, active in Rome in the second half of the first century B.C.”


You’re kindly invited to change the world… Join us!

    How to support the award

    How can you get involved? 

    You can take part in our initiative in numerous ways, enjoying the benefits of each option. Besides joining as a nominee or nominator, you can support the Award by being our Partner, or you can advance your candidature to be one of our selected Ambassador or Jury members.


    As a Partner you will be recognized as part of the organization of the Atlas Award in all the communications of the event, both online and offline. With the help of our extensive media presence, and through the Budapest Business Party event, our partners receive a considerable amount of visibility, allowing partnering enterprises the opportunity to raise their brand awareness through their membership in an innovative, exclusive and leading community in Hungary.  


    As a Jury member, you will be able to actively take part in our initiative by rewarding the entrepreneur or business leader who you believe has had the greatest impact upon entrepreneurship in Hungary. Also, you will have the chance to network with entrepreneurs and stakeholders who are in Hungary and embrace the “ethical, creative and sustainable” approach.


    As an Ambassador, your brand will become part of the most proactive initiative seeking to create and become part of a community for an ethical, creative and sustainable approach for enterprises in Hungary. You will have the opportunity to endorse the E.S.C. approach, highlighting your company’s actions towards realizing this vision with the help of our extensive media network. Furthermore, you will have the chance to build connections with other Ambassadors and the members of our community by joining Atlas World. 

    “At OMS Besser Group we work to make the world better and more sustainable through innovation and our way of working.

    Sustainability statement sets the standards and behaviors that we require internally and all along our supply chain; decisions must be evaluated in terms of environmental, social, and human impact for the long-term and to be always in compliance with the related laws, rules and regulations.

    This is why OMS Besser Group is proud to support the first edition of the Atlas Award.”



    “Since 2012, the foundation of our company, we love to say “A second life for a better world”. This is our motto!

    As an international recyclable plastics broker with agents worldwide, I believe that plastics and polymer recycling is good for business and good for the planet.

    I believe that companies should care about the world we live in, as there is no Planet B. This is why MSP Group is proud to support the first edition of the Atlas Award.”

    Silvia Merighi

    Founder of MSP Group

    What does it mean to be part of the Atlas World?

    Atlas World is an exclusive community of finely selected members whose values are in line with our E.S.C. approach. We believe that change emerges especially when we are able to share ideas and create a dedicated space for doing that. Through our community, you will be able to meet other leaders who share this vision, receiving regular communications on what’s happening, and you will be cordially invited to all of our initiatives and events. By joining our community, you will be rubbing elbows with the leading entrepreneurs in Hungary, and become one of them!

    Don’t miss out on that outstanding opportunity


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