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In a world of constant evolution, the Atlas Award recognizes those leaders who are not just leading change in Hungary, but doing so with undeniable ethics, a commitment to sustainability, and boundless creativity. These business heroes inspire with their ability to turn bold visions into tangible realities, benefiting society as a whole.

With the Atlas Award 2023, we celebrate these extraordinary figures who are shaping a brighter future for everyone. Join us in building a world where innovation and integrity not only coexist, but thrive together.


“The Lucart Group reflects and shares the values of the Atlas Award as we are committed to developing circular business models in order to share a sustainable future with our stakeholders.

We take care of people and the environment they live and work in, with solutions for improving hygiene.

We want to build a better future using the sustainability as the inspiring ingredient of our innovations and the key factor in the relationship with our stakeholders.”


Sales Director Central and Eastern Europe Lucart Group and Lucart KFT Spokesman

Silvia Merighi - Atlas Award

“Since 2012, the foundation of our company, we love to say “A second life for a better world”. This is our motto!

As an international recyclable plastics broker with agents worldwide, I believe that plastics and polymer recycling is good for business and good for the planet.

I believe that companies should care about the world we live in, as there is no Planet B. This is why MSP Group is proud to support the first edition of the Atlas Award.”


Founder of MSP Group

laura bindi tecnocasa

“We support the Atlas Award because Tecnocasa recognises itself in those same values.

We believe in the importance of ethics, sustainability, and creativity in business.

In Tecnocasa we learned how to take care of our clients and our employees. This strong bond of care is a fundamental part of our corporate and culture.

Tecnocasa is proud to help promote the values of ethics, sustainability, and creativity in business”



Andras Nagy

“The Atlas Award is named after the Titan Atlas, who was tasked with holding up the world.

In the same way, we want to recognize those who are working to hold up the world of security, with ethical, creative and sustainable approaches.

Kona Sec is proud to support this award and to help celebrate the work of those who are making our world a safer place.”

András Nagy

konasec hungary

konasec logo

“Vagheggi, in alignment with the Atlas Award’s values of Ethics, Sustainability, and Creativity, places a strong emphasis on ethical practices, transparency, and integrity in its operations.

Our plant-based phytocosmetic products respect people, animals, and the environment. We follow a “fair trade” policy in the selection of active ingredients and insist on high-quality raw materials.

Vagheggi’s approach to creativity, drawing inspiration from nature and science, drives innovation in skincare and promotes overall well-being.”

Barbara ács

vagheggi HUNGARY

Lajos Atlas World

We at Lajos Law Firm and Associated Partners are proud supporters of the Atlas Award, as we believe in celebrating and encouraging business leaders who are setting new standards in ethical practices, sustainability, and innovation. These core values resonate with our firm’s commitment to fostering a more responsible and forward-thinking business community. 

Our support for the Atlas Award stems from our firm’s dedication to social responsibility and our belief in the power of creative and sustainable business strategies. Recognizing exceptional managers who share these principles is an extension of our commitment to promoting legal excellence and corporate citizenship.”




Also on this edition, funds were raised for the Bátor Tábor foundation, which is active in supporting seriously ill children and their families. Andrea Szabò, fundraising manager of Bátor Tábor, spoke during the event.

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We would like to thank our media partner: Budapest Business Journal, Diplomacy and Trade,, Hello Magyar, Daily News Hungary, Elet es Stilus, Ungheria News and

Atlas Award 2023 gala ceremony

The Atlas Award gala ceremony took place on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. This edition of the award has the honour of receiving the congratulations of Professor Ervin László, Hungarian philosopher and two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

The winner of Atlas Award 2023 is Giacomo Pedranzini, CEO of Kometa 99 Zrt. for his exemplary commitment to promoting an ethical, sustainable and creative approach. For the first time, in this third edition of the award, the jury deemed it necessary to give an honourable mention to the runner-up Albert Wettstein, co-founder of Munch. Within the shortlisted candidates also  Mónika MéhészÉva Pálfi and Zsolt Márkus.

During the event, the audience, after receiving the first magazine dedicated entirely to the Atlas Award, was involved in an interactive moment in which they were asked to distribute themselves in three different areas of the room, selecting the value of the E.S.C. (ethical, sustainable, creative) approach that best reflected their personal inclinations or professional activities. The Atlas Award celebrates Business Heroes who embrace an E.S.C. approach, a community of business leaders united by the ambition to live and develop their businesses according to these principles.


Three outstanding speakers were invited to the Atlas Award 2023 stage to share their experiences and visions on the three pillars of the Sustainable and Creative Ethics approach.


Michele Orzan, President of EUCham, founder of GREENWILL and Digital Leader at the World Economic Forum, for Ethics.


Dr Ervin László, philosopher, humanist and two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee for Sustainability. Dr Ervin Laszlo’s video message is available at the following link.


Marco Veronese, digital artist and free thinker, for Creativity.

The winner of last year, Dimitry Ljasuk, also sent a special video to congratulate this year’s candidates and winner.


The jury that awarded the Atlas 2023 prize is made up of a multidisciplinary team of specialists with expertise and experience in the fields of Ethics, Sustainability, Creativity as well as Communication and the Arts.

Alessandro Farina, founder of ITL Group and creator of the award, Dimitry Ljasuk, founder of Pozitivo Digital, as well as winner of the Atlas Award 2022, Luigino Bottega, time traveler and author of the book “Io – How to win at the game of life,” Mandy Fertetics, sustainability and ESG expert and consultant as well as managing director of Alternate Consulting Hungary, Marco Veronese, artist and creator of the “Atlas Award” sculpture, Omar Balducci, Sales Director Central and Eastern Europe of Lucart Group, Tamás Botka, CEO and publisher of the Budapest Business JournalViktória Vita Griessmüller, president of the Rotary Club of Budapest-City . This year, an exceptional guest was also added to the jury members…Chat GPT, AI language processing model that provided very interesting data on the candidates nominated for the award.


Jury Meeting for the Atlas Award 2023

The prize was awarded to Giacomo Pedranzini (former expat CEO of the year 2022 for the Budapest Business Journal and also a finalist for the Atlas Award in the same year) with the following motivation from the jury:

Ethical Excellence:

Among its most recent initiatives is the creation of HonestFood, an ethical initiative that promotes human health, animal welfare and fairness in the food industry supply chain.

Champion of Sustainability:

Pedranzini’s dedication to sustainability is manifested in HonestFood, through new commitments to industrialised agriculture, reducing overproduction, environmental pollution and improving accessibility to organic products, promoting a more sustainable food industry.

Creative Innovation:

With modern and innovative ideas, Pedranzini addresses the problems prevailing in the industry and promotes collaborations between stakeholders.

Holistic Business Approach:

Its holistic business approach integrates ethical, sustainable and creative solutions, contributing to the success of its business and positively influencing the industry and the community.

Community Engagement and Industry Recognition:

Pedranzini’s active involvement in community discussions and recognition within the industry make him a perfect example of a modern Business Hero, the profile this award aims to promote. Pedranzini has created almost 1,000 new jobs in Kaposvár through his company, Kometa 99, which is active not only in the improvement of agriculture, the economy and the town’s community, but the entire region. In recognition of Pedranzini’s activities, the jury recognised him as the 2023 winner.


You’re kindly invited to change the world… Join us!

    What does it mean to be part of the Atlas World?

    Atlas World is an exclusive community of finely selected members whose values are in line with our E.S.C. approach. We believe that change emerges especially when we are able to share ideas and create a dedicated space for doing that. Through our community, you will be able to meet other leaders who share this vision, receiving regular communications on what’s happening, and you will be cordially invited to all of our initiatives and events. By joining our community, you will be rubbing elbows with the leading entrepreneurs in Hungary, and become one of them!

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